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Sauna construction is easy with a kit from Sauna Depot! Sauna Depot offers pre-cut kits, pre-built rooms and custom packages that are designed with craftsmanship and long-lasting quality in mind for residential or commercial needs. Each kit comes with all the necessary materials to construct a sauna

Sauna Depot gives you the flexibility to design a sauna room that best fits your space, budget and taste requirements. We work closely with world-class manufacturers who will custom-cut your perfect sauna plan to specification, paying close attention to providing authentic Finnish craftsmanship into each individual design.

* Framing of walls and ceiling shall be of dry Douglas Fir, construction grade no.1 or 2, 16" center. Use pressure treated plates (against concrete) 
* Ceiling shall be 7' 0" from finished floor to ceiling joists (16" center) 
* Door shall be roughed in at 26"x 82" and must open out 
* Insulation of walls and ceiling shall be of R11 foil faced fiberglass batts (R19 if Sauna has exterior location) 
* Drywall shall be 5/8" firewall (only if required by local building codes) 
* Added Vapor Barrier shall be of Type C construction foil over insulation or drywall--walls and ceiling (recommended as second vapor barrier) 
* Flooring shall be of hard surfaced, waterproof type-concrete, ceramic tile, and heavy-duty seamless vinyl 
* Floor Drain is recommended for new construction and is essential for commercial and public Saunas 
* Exterior Walls shall be of drywall, paneling, tile, etc. and exterior painting, door finishing, etc. shall be included 
* Rough-in for Sauna controls, heater, room light shall be as per wiring diagram (provided with control box or in heater box) 
* Hookup of controls, heater, and light shall be as per wiring diagram. COPPER WIRE ONLY 
* Sauna heaters and rooms require minimum care and maintenance. Basic household methods, including cleaning of Sauna room floor with a product such as Pine Sol, and occasional scrubbing of benches with a mild soap, is necessary for sanitary and odor-free atmosphere. When wood becomes dark or stained from perspiration, a light sanding will help to restore its beautiful appearance. Do not use sealers, paint or varnish on interior wood, as toxic vapors could be dangerous in the high temperatures of a Sauna.. 

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