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SAUNA ACCESSORIES                                                                                                    

2 Gallon Wooden Pail with Curved Handle                                                                       2 gallon wooden pail $85
Copper Water Bucket and Ladle Set                                                                                    Copper Ladle and Bucket $125
Stainless Steel Water Bucket and Ladle Set                                                                         Stainless Steel Water Bucket and Ladle $70
  1 Gallon Wooden Bucket w/Liner                                                                             $35
 Vapor Lok Recessed Ceiling Light
Mounting frame, reflector, Albalite glass,,7 3/4"                                                             Vapor Lok Recessed Ceiling Light
outside diameter

17" Wooden Ladle                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Wooden Ladle $22
Cedar Sauna Pillow                                                                                                     Cedar Sauna Pillow $45
Deluxe Pine Thermometer/Hygrometer                        Deluxe Pine Thermometer/Hygrometer $85
Deluxe Pine Thermometer                                              Pine Thermometer $33
Deluxe Pine Hygrometer                                                 Deluxe Pine Hygrometer  $33
Hourglass Sandtimer 15 min                                          Hourglass Timer 15 min $48
15min. Pine and Glass Sand Timer                              Sand Timer 15 min $32
Moisture Proof Wall Light w/ Glass Globe                   Vapor Lok Wall Light
Threaded Opal Shade 41/2" x 6 3/4" 100 watt maximum
Cedar Sliding Vent 5" x 16" for 3 1/4" x 7 duct             Cedar Sliding Vent $18
Cedar Vent Grille 41/2" x 10"  for 31/4" x 7" duct         Cedar Vent Grille  $17
Skin Brush Set                                                                           Deluxe Brush Set $45
Vapor Barrier- Type "C" Foil - Full Roll  252 sq ft     3' x 84' $65
Cedar Wall Mount Lampshade Designed to            Cedar Wall Mount Lamp Shade
Fit Wall Mount Light fixture
Sauna Oil                                                                          Sauna Oil
For Treating benches and sauna wood.  Protects wood with a special water
repellant film  1 liter
Sauna Fragrances 8 oz Spray Bottle                                                                      Sauna Fragrance 15.00
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